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Choose from our ethically sourced coffees grown by amazing farms around the world. Don't stress, there is no wrong choice. 

We hand pack and ship our coffee straight to your door - as often as you want. No need to get off the couch.

Now sit back while you brew and enjoy your favorite Buffalo Brew coffee blend.

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Discounts on coffee. Because who actually wants to pay full price?

Leave your masks at home because we deliver fresh coffee, right to your door. No human contact necessary.

No hidden fees, cancel anytime. We would prefer if you didn't, but hey everyone makes mistakes. 

We have


All of our clothes are hand woven with authentic buffalo hair. Just kidding, but they are pretty soft. 

What's the difference between buffalo and bison? Who knows. We do know however that a buffalo makes a sweet logo.  We have mugs, shirts, and hats with buffalos all over 'em (or is it bison?).

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